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Hot Rolled And Steel Plate

Brief introduction of Hot Rolled and Steel Plate products:
ASTM A841 Gr.B Class2

Thermal-mechanical control process (TMCP) steel plates for pressure vessels possessing high yield strength, high Charpy absorption energy at low temperature and low carbon content to obtain excellent weldability that are best used in pressure vessel at low temperature environment (note: heat-treatment temperature during or after fabrications shall not exceed 650°C).

JIS G3101 SS400-Steel Plates for Laser Cutting

Steel plates having special surface quality to prevent problems from laser cutting such as nozzle blocking or miss-focusing, and providing good cutting quality.

LYS 100

Steel plates having excellent seismic resistance due to properties of extremely low yield strength and yield ratio that are best used in steel structural parts of buildings for absorbing elastic potential energy released by earthquake and protect main structure.


Chromium and molybdenum steel plates with excellent formability to attain high dimensional & shape accuracy after forming, also possessing excellent wear-resistance, toughness, heat-resistance to prevent abrasion or fracture that are best used in mold.

CNS 13812 SN490YB/YC

Steel plates with yield/tensile strength ratio below 80% (Y.S: 325~445 MPa) to absorb maximum elastic potential energy released by earthquake that enable uniform plastic deformation within thickness range of 40.01~80.00mm and prevent buildings & constructions from collapsing.


High strength structural steel plates belonging to HI-TEN590C group, possessing very low C, S, P elements to obtain excellent weldability & toughness that are best used in heavy machinery such as forks of power lift truck and dipper buckets of hydraulic shovel.


Structural steel plates possessing characteristics of fire-resistance through effects of alloying elements, providing feature of yield strength at 600°C (873K) being 2/3 or more of the specified minimum yield strength at room temperature that are best used in fire-resistant structure of high-rise buildings, factories and laboratories.

SM570M (Building Structure with)

Structural steel plates of ultra-high strength, excellent weldability & toughness, classified into 4 classes (A, B, C and C HW; C HW class is applicable to high heat input welding) that are best used in structure of high-rise building such as Taipei 101 and Taipei Gemini towers.

ASTM A516 HIC (The pressure vessel of Hydrogen Induced Crack resistant)

Steel plates of ultra-low C, P, S elements, proper alloy addition and special process, providing resistance to hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and controlling crack length ratio (CLR) below 15% that are best used in those environments with high H2S.

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