Special Stainless Steel Products

VB consists of non-directional finishing and high-density scratches on different finishing sheets. Vibration is becoming one of the most popular finishings because its appearance shows fine texture.
We use not only regular screen-printing technique, but also more advanced film exposing printing procedure making etching more accurate and precise. Multi-process etching can increase the depth and gradating of the sheet. Two-side etching machine makes the etching deeper up to 0.5mm. A wide range of patterns are available for your preference. Customized pattern service is available for your requirement.
Bead Blasted finishing is very popular in the market. By using bead blast technique, high-speed beads strike on both sides of sheets causing evenly dent surface and showing beautiful finishing.
Star Light (SL)
Star Light finish can enhance stronger hardness and scratch resistance characteristic. It can combine different surfaces and finishes to become more comprehensive artistic conception to show special design.
3D Multidirectional
Multidirectional is using unique satin processing technique on mirror surface finishing stainless steel sheet. Via different finishing (HL, ETCHING, BB, VB), we can produce high reflection of 3D design and the most elegant shape of picture.
Physical Vapor
Deposition (PVD)
Titanium Coating

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Titanium Coating is an environmentally safe and eco-friendly vacuum coating process that provides decorative coloring applications on stainless steel.

We have developed processes that can achieve a wide-range of colors – gold, black, rose, bronze, coffee, and so on. It combines the right look with the latest technology for corrosion protection, rust proof property, strong durability and easy maintenance.

The highest quality finish along with competitive customer service and delivery are always guaranteed.

  Grade AISI304, AISI316L, AISI430
  Dimension (mm)
Features Thickness Width Length
No.1 Finish 3.0mm-12mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 2M(60")~ 6M(236")
2D/2B Finish 0.31mm-3mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 2M(60")~ 6M(236")
BA Finish 0.31mm-2mm 4'(48") 2M(60")~ 6M(236")
Hair Line/No.4 0.31mm-12mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 2M(60")~ 6M(236")
Super Mirror No.8 0.31mm-12mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 2M(60")~ 6M(236")
Etching 0.8mm-3.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 8'(96")~ 10(120")
3D Surface Art 0.8mm-3.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 8'(96")~ 10(120")
Bead Blasted 1.0-3.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 10(120")
Vibration 0.8-6.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 10(120")
Star Light 0.8-2.0mm 4'(48") 10(120")
Titanium Coating 0.8mm-3.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 8'(96")~ 10(120")
Chemical Color 0.8mm-3.0mm 4'(48"), 5'(60") 8'(96")~ 10(120")
Multi-direction polishing has +/-0.5mm tolerance.
Etching standard depth is 0.03 to 0.05mm.
The actual color may slightly differ from the color in this brochure.
Chemical coloring will show color difference on various polishing surface.
Please contact our sales people or technicians for more information.


Our products are used in various applications and wide range of building uses: e.g. architectural panel, elevator, automobile advertising signage, interior decoration for car cabins, window frames, column covers, curtain walls, storefront display, kitchenware and furniture. As far as your imagination can take you, the uses of our fine products can certainly match your needs.

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