Types Of Products And Specifications

Stainless Steel Grades

JIS EN AISI Application
SUS304 1.4301 304 Kitchen appliances, hardware, automobile accessories, chemical machineries, decorations
SUS304L 1.4307 304L
SUS316 1.4401 316 Chemical machineries, heat exchanger
SUS316L 1.4404 316L
SUS316Ti 1.4571 316Ti
SUS317   317
SUS317L 1.4434 317L
SUS321 1.4541 321
SUS305 1.4303 305
SUS301 1.4319 301
SUS301L 1.4318 301L
SUS309S 1.4950 309S
SUS310S 1.4951 310S
SUS347 1.455 347
JIS EN AISI Application
SUS430 1.4016 430 Electrical appliances, burner, tableware, kitchen utensils, decorations
SUH409L 1.4512 409 Exhaust pipe, heat exchange, container
SUS410L   410L Container
SUS410S 1.4000 410S Vessel
SUS410 1.4006 410 Machine accessories
SUS405 1.4002 405  
SUS436L   436
SUS444 1.4521 444
JIS EN AISI Application
SUS420J1 1.4021 420J1 Knife, fork etc., tableware, turbo vane
SUS420J2 1.4028 420J2 Blade tools, value, tableware
JIS EN AISI Application
SUS329 J3L 1.4462 2305 Water conservation, petrification
  1.4362 2304
No.1 is hot rolled, annealed, pickled and passivated finishing. This results in a dull, slightly rough surface; quite suitable for industrial applications which generally involve a larger range of thicknesses.
2B finish is given a subsequent light skin pass and cold rolling operation between polishing. This is the most common finishing applied for general use.
BA finish is processed with bright annealing process after cold rolling. BA finish is carried out in a controlled atmosphere furnace or vacuum in order that oxidation is reduced to a minimum and the surface remains relatively bright. BA is commonly used in decorative purpose.
No.4 is a unidirectional short linear finishing obtained by 150 to 240 grits abrasive polishing. It is a fine décor finish applied in many field such as kitchenware or buildings.
This is also a unidirectional finish but differs from No.4 finish. They are straight long lines, and share same usage as many decorative finishings.
No. 8
(Super Mirror)
No.8 is polished by sophisticated and automatic mirror machine. The finishing looks exactly like a mirror with high reflection. It can be applied as decorative material to increase dimensional appearance.
No. 8
Thicker Plate
(Thicker Gauge)
No. 8 Thick Gauge polishing system. It is for special customer’s requirement such as chemical containers, semiconductor equipments etc.
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